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Gail Oliver is a certified American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor who has taught swimming for over 60 years.  She has held classes in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Nebraska, Missouri, Michigan, South Carolina, Alabama, in the US; Okinawa, Japan; as well as Costa Rica.  She has taught men, women, boys, and girls of all ages! Teaching swimming is one of Gail’s passions and she loves students of all ages.  


Gail Motto for being in the water:  BE SAFE - HAVE FUN.


Gail loves all of the swim classes:  from the Parent & Child class where very young children can learn to love the water while being introduced to swimming, to the Preschool classes where most children learn to swim independently through games, songs, and play (Gail taught Preschool for 30 years so she has a lot of experience working with this age), to the school-age children who are learning to be the best swimmers they can be while also developing new skills such as diving, treading water, water safety, floating, and strokes.  Gail especially loves when she gets to teach adults to swim!  


Gail will be glad to answer any of your questions.  Cell phone number is 478-363-1012.


Remember - we are not fish - but with the right teacher - we can all SwimLikeFish.


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Keri Cartee is the daughter of Gail Oliver and has assisted her mother, Gail, in teaching swimming for many years.  Keri is a proud mother of two, has a degree in Early Childhood Education from Georgia Southern University, and is a preschool teacher during the school year.


Keri has inherited her mother's passion for seeing people of all ages learn the life-saving skill of swimming.  She believes that learning to swim should be fun.  Keri uses games and play to encourage comfort in the water so that swimming skills can be taught in an enjoyable way!


Keri teaches classes at her home in Homewood, Alabama.(Birmingham area)

I look forward to teaching you or your precious child to SwimLikeFish!


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